Professional and convenient bicycle service.

A couple of nuts and bolts:

I am transitioning into some new responsibilities with my family and am not presently taking on new clients. If you are an existing client, please contact me so we can discuss your needs and get them met!

I do things differently – there’s no denying this is the internet era. I want to help you find the part you need, whether from me or elsewhere – without all the guilt. Let’s make your bike awesome!

Parts are sold separately and not included in the labor pricing. My service minimum is $60.

Basic Tune

Typically done once a year for weekend riders and 2-3 times a year for daily cyclists. Adjust gears, brakes, check the torque on all bolts, and a basic wheel true.


Full Tune

Basic tune plus a drivetrain deep clean, detailed wheel true, and bearings cleaned and adjusted.

Starts at $210 (varies by complexity of bicycle)


A complete disassembly of the bicycle, deep clean or replacement of all bearings, install new cable and housing, clean your drivetrain.

Starts at $300

A La Carte

Sometimes a summary service isn’t the right solution. From replacing the derailleur to upgrading a groupset and everything in between, I am excited to help with projects and spot repairs, starting at $20. I’ll work with you in advance to quote the service.